Refresh and Reset Features in Windows 8

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Windows 7 is not as popular as Windows XP. Therefore, Microsoft re-create a new innovation in new windows operating system, Windows 8. In this latest OS, Windows tried to resolve the main issues, namely about the virus.

Cool, no need to reinstall if you get a virus or a computer was very slow because of any problem. Windows 8 provides features for running Reset Refresh and imaging facilities. The facility is run the file recimg.exe more or less similar to the software Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost.
There is also the latest features such as:

As the name suggests, the Reset button to restore the computer to function as when a newly installed operating system. As out of the factory, all data and applications will be deleted.

Remove Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) WIN 7

WGA Logo
Introduced by Microsoft in 2005, Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is a software program that is incorporated in a variety of Microsoft products to stop piracy. WGA validation tool is an online product launched by Microsoft every time users log into the Microsoft site. A copy of Windows categorize as the original product if and only if it passed the WGA, but it is a counterfeit or pirated.
If you are a moment of your system windows 7 windows 7 detected using illegal and WGA given message. In the latter case, each time the user online, you will be notified about the use of pirated software by WGA messages. Here you can disable notification messages, so you can enjoy the pirated versions of Windows.
Windows Genuine Advantage notification message can be disabled either USING or third-party software without using any software.

Before continuing with this process, it is recommended that you save a backup of your system by creating a system restore point or back up your registry.

How to treat your laptop

Laptop or notebook is not a new thing anymore at this time, many people who've used it from children to adults. but many people do not know how to treat this one gadget. when the laptop is very sensitive and need more attention in care. in this article I try to give you a little information in the care and use your laptop or notebook durable and long lasting.

To be durable laptop to make sure the laptop is always on the safe condition of the heat, vent fan air flow is good because the laptop is very susceptible to dust and heat, many laptops problems that occur due to this heat problem (over heat).